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HRS 2018-23 Toyota Camry Auto Window Closer Module

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HRS 2018-23 Toyota Camry Auto Window Closer Module


  • Window & Sunroof Auto Close upon locking the car
  • Stop Auto Close
  • Auto Unlock
  • Roll Windows Up and down With Key Fob

Boxed Content:

  • Module and OBD
  • PNP Wiring Harness

 Minor installation knowledge is required.

This product will not work on the Hybrid trim levels of the Camry. 


After installing this module completely including the OBD, your hazard lights may come on as soon as you open your doors. First test to see if the hazard lights comes on when you open the doors. If they do, to turn off, follow the instructions below.

  1. Complete the installation including installing the control module into the OBD port.
  2. Turn ON the ignition.
  3. Open your Driver side door to see if the Hazards come on.
  4. Close the door and Lock/Unlock 4 times. The sequence should be: Lock/Unlock, Lock/Unlock, Lock/Unlock, Lock/Unlock.
  5. The hazard lights should now be turned off when you open the door.
  6. The control module can be removed from the OBD port if your car is equipped with auto Lock/Unlock feature when you put your car in Drive or Park. If your car is not equipped with the auto Lock/Unlock feature, leave the control module plugged in.


User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.

    Customer Reviews

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    D.R. (Baltimore, US)
    Love the product

    I love this window up/down module. It’s all about convenience. I don’t have to think about rolling up my windows when I leave my vehicle because 1 click of the lock button and all windows roll up. I don’t use the window down feature as much with the weather starting to get chilly outside but in the summer the roll down feature will be used more. Thanks HRS!