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HRS - 2022-23 Toyota GR86 - Subaru BRZ LED Tail Lights - The Elite Series

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The provided Hex/Torx Bit may or may not work with your current tail lights. The key is designed to work with 2022 model years, and the Hex/Torx Bit has been changed for the 2023-24 model years. You can easily find the appropriate tool at any hardware store.

HRS - 2022-24 Toyota GR86 - Subaru BRZ LED Tail Lights - The Elite Series

We are proud to announce the first product from our new line up "THE ELITE SERIES". 


  • Upgraded LED's
  • Ultra Bright Turn Signals
  • Sequential Turn Signals - Elite Design
  • New Power On Animation - Elite Design
  • Plug and Play on all trims

Professional installation is required. Complete set (4 Pieces)

Variant Explanation:

SBR: Smoke Lens, Black Housing, Red Running/Parking Lights with Red LED's
CBW: Clear Lens, Black Housing, White Running/Parking Lights with Red LED's
CBR: Clear Lens, BLack Housing, Red Running/Parking Lights with Red LED's
SBW: Smoke Lens, Black Housing, White Running/Parking Lights with Red LED's

Boxed Content:

  • 2 Pieces Tail Lights
  • Complete Wiring Harness

Promotional Video:


User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews

First day I installed the tail lights 6/25/2024 it rained for an hour & water moisture was already inside the lens. I’ve seen bad reviews about moisture & didn’t think it was true. But I can confirm that it is true.

Hello Hugo,
Thank you for your honest review. It appears you have already contacted us regarding this issue. We regret that you didn't reach out to us first before leaving the review, but we understand your frustration, and it's completely understandable. We have already sent you a full replacement set. Please thoroughly test it, including going through car washes, to ensure it meets your expectations. While issues like condensation occur in a small percentage of cases (around 2-5%), we are actively working on solutions to minimize these occurrences. To date, we have received approximately 5-10 complaints about condensation out of the thousands of sets we have sold. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any further issues in the future.

N.F.m.t. (Woodbridge, US)

how you gonna have it say back in rock the 30th and i’m waiting then it gets sold out when it’s not even in stock ? now i gotta wait till oct ? terrible

We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. The CBW variant is incredibly popular and tends to sell out rapidly. Once we make them available for pre-orders, customers on the waiting list receive notifications, and these units are often sold out within minutes. Our priority is to speed up the production process while maintaining the highest quality standards. We hope for your understanding in this matter.

We intended to email you earlier, but we encountered an issue with the email address listed on your review. Unfortunately, it appeared to be a scam email with inappropriate content. If you have an alternative email address or another preferred means of communication, we'd be more than happy to reach out to you that way. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your patience.


I like the style and fit on my brz but only thing they give me the wrong tools for removing the trim

Hi Cris,

Thank you for your honest review. The key included was originally designed for the 2022 model year, but Subaru/Toyota changed the nut/bolt configuration for the 2023/2024 model years. In our latest batch, we have addressed this issue to ensure compatibility. It's worth noting that many other tail lights available for the 86/BRZ don't even include this tool, but we strive to provide one for your convenience.

Thank you


product did not come with the correct star security bit , other than that everything else worked very will .

Hi Emanuel,

Thank you for your honest review. The key included was originally designed for the 2022 model year, but Subaru/Toyota changed the nut/bolt configuration for the 2023/2024 model years. In our latest batch, we have addressed this issue to ensure compatibility.

Thank you

Rand Phillips (Wixom, US)
Great aftermarket tail light option! (CBW Review)

I love my taillights, they look amazing and work great. The wiring is super well made and they’re incredibly bright. Where I take a star off is the finish. I’m incredibly detail oriented and my car is my baby so maybe I’m just picky, but the finish could use some perfecting. Light scratches on the taillight from factory (not deep enough to feel with your finger nail, they’re super light and require a bright light to see), rough edges around the housing where the light meets the paint, light dust specs here and there on the inside of then light (I’m sure this will settle and get better with time and it’s kind of inevitable with clears), and some inconsistency with the black parts on the interior of the lense. I highly recommend these lights if you love the look, just know that if you’re as picky as me that there may be imperfections you’ll have to live with. I plan to tint my clears on the sides, top, and middle just leaving the ‘C’ shape clear and this should resolve all my complaints anyways. Also, the security bit they sent me was just a torque bit, not a security bit with the pin hole. I luckily had a security bit at the shop I work at but you may want to be prepared in case your included tool is the wrong one too. The customer service was also excellent so thank you HRS for your care!

Joey Koehler (Des Moines, US)
Looks good but could be better

This tail lights look great and I love the animations, but they don’t have the third support screw hole on top so it is a little wobbly.

Devon Duran (Portland, US)
Really good

Super good, not my style. Still bought them and they look good

Dustin Oliver (Austin, US)
Very good, almost great

Build quality seems nice but let’s put some miles on them before the real verdict on that. Styling is very cool, love the start up & turn signal effect. I do like the smoke lens when lights are off, but if the sun is shining directly on them from a certain angle it’s a little hard to notice the running lights even when they’re on. Brake and turn signals are also a little hard to notice if you’re not looking directly at them. Don’t know if that’s because of the smoke lens or just the LEDs are not as bright as they could be. At night they’re just fine. Are they worth the price? Maybe, I will keep them on the car for now but it’s a shame they’re not just a bit brighter for daytime.


clean get it rn

Danreeve Elamparo
get a clear taillights

fire clear taillights