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HRS - 2017-21 Honda Civic Hatchback FK7 FK8 LED Tail Lights - V2

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HRS – 2017-21 Honda Civic Hatchback LED Tail Lights - V2


Plug and play but professional installation is required. In comparison to a window tint, the smoke lights are about 50% darker. It's a complete set (4 pieces). Fits FK-7 & FK-8.

Boxed Content:

  • 4 Pieces Tail Lights
  • Complete wiring harness




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Customer Reviews

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Leah Joy
Awesome Tail Lights

These tail lights are awesome. Very easy to install and no issues with wiring at all; everything just comes together so easily. The “animation” at start up or when you unlock your car looks amazing; I get a lot of compliments on them and I love watching it. My order also came very quickly.

I have not yet installed the reflector lights but I can’t wait to because it will really put it all together.

Paige Bogatz (Margate, US)

came super fast!! work great

J.D. (Roy, US)
Amazing Tail Lights

These lights are fantastic. I got the smoked version and I was worried they would be too dim with the dark housing but they are still quite bright. The install was straight forward and the fit is fantastic. The OEM tail lights were rubbing the paint off of the car at the top corners from the factory and these new lights fit better and do not do that. Quick install tip they install much easier if you pull the plastic push inserts off of the car and install them onto the metal push pins on the tail lights first before pushing the tail lights onto the car. Takes significantly less force to snap them in this way.

I also got the smoked reflector lights with them and they are a perfect color match to the tail lights when lit and really complete the look imo. As the reflector lights don't come with a wire guide I found the following to be true for mine (Black = ground, Red = Brake, green = tail light, assuming yellow is turn signal but I didn't hook that wire up).

Joshua Savard (Boston, US)
Great headlights and customer service

Very happy with my experience with hrs. Great guys.

Henry Aguirre (Oakland, US)
V2 taillights

Beautiful taillights would highly recommend to anyone wanting to spice up there 10 gen civic.

joseph Quintana (Norfolk, US)


C. (Bryan, US)
Badass Taillights

Looks awesome on my red FK7. Only complaint is some fogging after washes in one of the housings but it goes away so as far as I am concerned no problem.

Cody Snyder (Tucson, US)
Came quick, look great!

Came within the week and were super easy to install, love the way they look!

Ron C (Oklahoma City, US)
Best Aesthetic FK8 mod

Love the way these look. The wiring is a pain in the butt, but it was worth it.

Jake B. (Westerville, US)
Fantastic Looking Taillights

I'm loving this new V2 tail lights over the stock tail lights on m 21' Civic Sport Hatchback. I had some trouble getting my reverse lights to work but I found what I did wrong and everything works perfectly. The Fitment is perfect with no gaps or any overlapping. The install is very easy if you follow the guide on their YouTube channel.