We provide convenient local support and a hassle-free warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Our team strives to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, offering efficient assistance. Rest assured that our products are manufactured to meet premium specifications, including upgraded LED components and other cosmetic enhancements. Furthermore, with our streamlined logistics, you can expect to receive your order within a speedy delivery time frame of 3-7 business days.

We accept returns within a 30-day period, with certain restrictions in place.

DEFECTIVE RETURNS: Before determining that your product is defective, we recommend utilizing all troubleshooting methods and contacting us for any questions or concerns. If we confirm that the product is indeed defective, we will provide a return shipping label. Please note that defective products must be returned for exchange or replacement. Upon receiving the product, we will conduct tests to verify the defect reported by the customer. If the claim is valid, we will issue a full refund, including shipping costs if applicable.

For returns related to fitting issues or other concerns, we kindly ask customers to provide photos and/or videos showcasing the fitment problems. If we identify any issues, we may request the customer to send the product back to us for further assessment. In cases where the fitting is poor or there are other defects, we will offer a full refund or provide a complete or partial replacement set/piece. However, if the product does not exhibit fitting problems or any other defects, only a 50% store credit will be issued, with all other applicable fees deducted from the original amount paid. Alternatively, we may return the same product and charge the customer for reshipping fees. Please be aware that HRS is not responsible for any charges incurred during product installation.

It is important to note that if a product with fitment issues remains installed on your vehicle and subsequently becomes damaged or lost during use, we cannot accept a claim or provide a refund. The product cannot be returned in such cases. Additionally, if the returned product is damaged in any way, a refund will not be issued.

Prior to purchasing our products, customers must ensure their ability to install the product or find a suitable professional for installation. If a return is requested for this reason, all applicable fees such as shipping and restocking will be charged from the original amount paid. The returned products must be in brand new condition, and products that have been partially or fully installed cannot be returned..

NON-DEFECTIVE RETURNS: Upon receiving the item, a refund will be issued. Please note that the original shipping fee (the amount paid by HIREV) and any insurance charges (if applicable) are non-refundable. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and must purchase a return shipping label from a shipping carrier of their choice to send the item back to us. It's important to be aware that HIREV Sports cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during the return shipping process. We highly recommend purchasing insurance from the shipping company to safeguard your return. In the event that the return package is lost, we cannot issue a refund and will not be held accountable for the package or item.

Depending on the condition 15-50% restocking fee will be applied to the buyer. The item must be returned in its original box with all hardware and pieces included. The returned product must be in new, unused, and resellable condition, akin to a new item. However, if the return is approved and the product is not in pristine condition, a 50% store credit will be issued instead. Please note that if the returned product is broken, damaged, or in a non-resellable condition, no refund will be provided.

If a customer claims that the product is defective and returns it to us, we will thoroughly inspect the return. In the event that the product is found not to be defective, all applicable fees, including shipping costs to and from the customer, as well as a 50% restocking fee, will be charged without exceptions.

If the customer is returning the product due to fitting issues or their inability to install it, a return will be accepted. However, the product must be in brand new condition and in its original packaging. Please be aware that the original shipping costs are non-refundable, and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping expenses. Once the product has been installed or modified in any way, returns will not be accepted.

We highly recommend finding a professional shop that specializes in installing aftermarket parts, as they may need to make slight adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

If you receive a defective or damaged product from HRS, it is important to notify us within 7 days. Once we receive your inquiry, we will aim to send a replacement within 24-48 hours if the product is currently in stock. In the event that the product is out of stock, it may take up to 90 days for us to provide a replacement. We require all our customers to conduct a thorough troubleshooting test and document the entire process through video. Failure to follow the proper troubleshooting steps will result in a denial of a replacement.

Once the troubleshooting steps are completed and documented, we will immediately ship a replacement piece to the customer, provided it is in stock. Customers will be required to ship the defective piece back to us, and we will provide a return shipping label. Upon receiving the defective piece, our team will conduct further testing. If the item is found to be not defective, the customer's warranty for future replacements on that particular product will be voided.

To process your replacement, we will need the following information:

1. Clear pictures and videos of the defect.
2. Video proof demonstrating the correct execution of troubleshooting steps.
3. The video must be in full resolution. If the video file is large, please use and upload the video using the email

After receiving a replacement piece or set, it is required that the previous piece or set be destroyed unless requested otherwise. We will need video and picture proof showing the damaged piece or set. Failure to provide this evidence will disqualify you from future replacements. By providing the required information mentioned above, we will process your replacement as quickly as possible.

Please note that depending on availability, the replacement piece may be either used or new. If the warranted product is no longer available or has been discontinued, we may offer you a similar product that is currently in stock as a warranty replacement. For tail lights and reflector sets, we may offer you a new replacement set from the versions we currently carry and that are available. Please be aware that all replacement products are covered solely by the warranty of the original product and do not come with a new warranty.

Lastly, if a product with fitment issues or defects is kept installed on your vehicle and subsequently becomes damaged or lost during use, we cannot accept a claim, and the product cannot be returned for a refund or replacement.

Exchanges will not be provided for products that have been damaged, used, or modified. The buyer is responsible for covering all shipping costs, including the return shipping for the original purchased item and the shipping for the exchanged product, along with any other associated fees. If applicable, re-delivery fees will also be the buyer's responsibility.

Upon receiving the returned product, we will carefully examine it and promptly process the appropriate refund. In most cases, refunds should be processed on the same day. Depending on the payment method used, refunds typically take 1-10 business days to post.

HRS provides a one-year warranty on Tail Lights and a 6-month limited warranty on all other products, starting from the date of purchase and applicable to the original buyer. Our warranty is local, meaning you won't have to deal with the manufacturer directly. If you encounter a defective item, you can return it to us, and in most cases, we will send you a replacement. We may advise you to either destroy the original item or keep it.

Please note that Camry XSE Style tail lights come with a 6-month warranty only. Any product damage resulting from user error will not be covered under warranty. The warranty is non-transferable. Defects such as lens cracking caused by extreme heat or cold are not covered.

It's important to understand that HIREV Sports is not responsible for any issues that may arise with your vehicle as a result of installing or using our products. This includes but is not limited to electrical issues, error messages on your dashboard, or the voiding of your vehicle warranty. HRS and the Manufacturer Product warranty do not cover any costs associated with installing new or replacement parts, diagnostics, troubleshooting, or repairs to your vehicle due to issues related to the installation of aftermarket parts.

If the product covered by warranty is not available or has been discontinued, we may offer you a comparable product currently in stock as a warranty replacement. For tail lights and reflector sets, we may provide you with a new replacement set from the versions we currently carry and have available. Please be aware that all replacement products are only covered by the warranty of the original product and do not come with a new warranty.

  1. Eligibility: The extended warranty is available for products purchased directly from our official website.
  2. Purchase Date: The extended warranty must be purchased within 30 days of the original product purchase date.
  3. Coverage Period: The extended warranty extends coverage for an additional year beyond the original manufacturer's warranty, resulting in a total coverage period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Unless additional years are purchased.
  4. Registration: Extended warranty is registered at the time of purhcase.
  5. Transferability: The extended warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.
  6. Exclusions: The extended warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or alterations to the product.
  7. Claims Process: If a covered defect arises during the extended warranty period, customers are required to reach out to our customer service team. They should furnish proof of purchase along with images and videos showcasing the issue. This enables us to evaluate the problem thoroughly and proceed with the warranty claim process.
  8. Resolution: We will repair or replace the defective product at our discretion, free of charge, during the extended warranty period.
  9. Limitations: The extended warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, and our liability is limited to the repair or replacement of the product.
  10. Modification: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the extended warranty program at any time without prior notice. All previously purchased extended warranty will be honored.

During the order processing, there may be instances where we require additional information from you. This may include providing the following documents:

1. A clear photo of your ID
2. A photo of the credit card used for the purchase
3. Utility bills or documents that verify your address

Please ensure that all the requested documents bear the same name and address as provided in the order details.

Please be aware that all packages are subject to a signature requirement upon delivery. If a customer requests the shipping company to remove the direct signature requirement and authorizes them to deliver the package without a signature or to leave it at their door, HIREV SPORTS will not be held liable for any stolen packages. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the delivered package under such circumstances.

For customers residing in apartment or condo complexes, the order will be shipped to the nearest UPS/FedEx store for pickup. Please note that there may be a pick-up fee associated with retrieving the package, and customers will be responsible for covering these fees.

In cases where a package is shipped to the nearest FedEx location for pickup, it is the customer's responsibility to track the package and collect it promptly once it is marked as ready for pickup. If the package is returned to us due to customer inaction, the customer will be responsible for covering the shipping costs once again, along with any return package fees. If a refund is requested instead, the refunded amount will be subject to deductions for the original shipping fee and the return package fee.

The offer of FREE SHIPPING is valid exclusively for select products within the contiguous 48 states.

All packages are shipped from our facility located in Addison, TX. The delivery time may vary depending on your location, typically ranging from 2 to 9 business days. We appreciate your understanding.

We kindly request that you thoroughly inspect your product upon its arrival, prior to installation. In the event that the product is damaged, missing any items, or is incorrect, mismatched, or the wrong color, it is crucial that you notify us within 7 business days from the date of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the issue being considered as user error.

Please note that if you have purchased the item and have waited until after this specified period to open and inspect it, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to accept or process a claim regarding the issue.

Look for cracks, gouges, crushed corners, or missing or mismatched items before installation and / or painting or modifying.

If there is damage to the box, make sure to take clear pictures of the shipping label, outside box, inside box, broken content and send them to us otherwise all claims will be denied.

Once the product is installed, painted, modified ect, any claims for damage, physical imperfections or incorrect or mismatched items will not be accepted. HIREV Sports is not responsible for associated cost due to installation or removal of any products with an issue. 

If the product received is damaged, the customer must retain the product for up to 30 days in case the carrier wants to come and pick it up or examine it.

UPS and FedEx have specific requirements for filing a claim, which include providing a minimum of 7 pictures. The pictures must meet the following criteria:

1. A photo showing the damaged merchandise inside the box as it arrived to you.
2. A photo displaying the packaging material used, such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam.
3. A photo showing the damaged item outside of the box.
4. A close-up photo of the shipping label with the tracking number.
5. If available, a close-up photo of the box manufacturer's certificate (BMC).
6. One photo displaying the top and two sides of the box.
7. One photo displaying the bottom and the opposite sides of the box.

Please ensure that the pictures you provide meet these criteria when filing a claim with UPS or FedEx.

All orders are shipped using UPS/FedEx Ground or USPS Priority mail. We strongly advise purchasing optional shipping insurance to protect your package against theft and damage. Please note that if shipping insurance is not purchased and the item is stolen, lost, or damaged, HRS will not be held responsible. In such cases, it is your responsibility to file a claim directly with UPS/FedEx or USPS. It's important to understand that insurance does not cover user errors or damages that occur during installation.

We provide a comprehensive warranty for products shipped to Canada and other countries. Please refer to the product description for the specific duration of the warranty. However, please note that due to the high shipping costs involved, the customer will be responsible for any shipping charges associated with warranty issues or replacements.

It's important to understand that aftermarket parts may or may not fit perfectly. Therefore, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research before making any purchases. Returns or exchanges will only be accepted for fitment issues or other defects, provided that the customer covers all shipping charges.

We want to emphasize that all our products are designed for and tested on US vehicles only. It is crucial for you to conduct your own research and verify that these parts will fit and function correctly on your specific vehicle before making a purchase. Unfortunately, we do not have information regarding compatibility with non-US models.

Please note that for all packages being shipped internationally, customers are responsible for any import duties, taxes, and customs fees that may apply.

If you have not received your package but the tracking information shows it as "delivered" when using UPS or USPS*, please follow these steps:

1. File a police report at your local police station.
2. Once the report is filed, send the official copy to along with your Order #.
3. HIREV SPORTS will submit your report to the carrier to initiate the claim process.
4. You will then have the option to receive a new package, if it is in stock, or receive a full refund.

*Please note that many packages delivered through USPS may actually be delivered to your door a few days after the stated delivery date shown in the tracking information. For all missing USPS packages, we kindly ask that you wait a few days before completing the above steps, as we are confident that you will receive your package during this time.

Open Box products are covered by a 30-day warranty only. However, clearance or discontinued products do not come with any warranty. Please note that all sales are final for products listed under the AS-IS or Clearance section. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for these items. We strongly advise referring to the product description before making your purchase to ensure your understanding of the product's condition and any associated terms or limitations.

For more details, please visit our website at Please note that sponsored products do not come with a warranty. In many cases, sponsored R&D products are provided to customers/partners for the purpose of testing fitting, product functionality, and performance.

Products offered for free with a purchase or promotional/sample products are not covered by any warranty.

Please note that our products are aftermarket and may or may not include installation instructions. However, we have installation instruction videos available for some of our products, and we are constantly working on adding more. We highly recommend professional installation for optimal results.

When installing HRS products, it is important to handle the plastic tabs with care. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

During installation, please ensure that your car's ignition is not engaged. To protect the paint on your vehicle, we recommend using masking tape as a precautionary measure. It is important to be aware that aftermarket products may require minor adjustments for a perfect fit. If you choose to have the products installed by a professional, please ensure that the shop is experienced in installing aftermarket products. Please be aware that dealerships typically do not install aftermarket products, and any issues that may arise could be attributed to the parts by the dealership.

HIREV Sports is not responsible for any damaged or lost parts due to incorrect installation. Before driving your vehicle, please ensure that all parts are fully installed and securely fastened. Please be aware that installing or using any product may potentially lead to issues with your vehicle, such as electrical problems, error messages on your dashboard, or even voiding of your vehicle warranty. It is important to understand that HRS and the Manufacturer Product warranty do not cover any costs associated with installing new or replacement parts, diagnostics, troubleshooting, or repairs to your vehicle resulting from issues related to the installation of aftermarket parts.

Please be aware that lighting products may or may not come with DOT/SAE/E-MARK stamps from the manufacturer. This is not a requirement set by HIREV SPORTS, and we do not have control over the presence of these stamps. The installation and use of these products are solely at the discretion of the user.

We strongly advise checking your local laws and regulations before purchasing or installing any lighting products from us. It is crucial to ensure compliance with the specific requirements and restrictions in your area. Please note that lighting products cannot be returned if they fail inspection or are deemed unusable in your location after purchase.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and guidelines regarding lighting products in your jurisdiction before making a purchase decision.


Our products come with a limited warranty that covers any physical or electrical failures resulting from normal use throughout the ownership of the original purchaser. The warranty duration varies by product, so we recommend referring to the specific warranty information provided on the product listing page. Please note that the warranty is non-transferrable.

It's important to understand that common wear and tear is not considered a valid reason for replacement parts, and any physical damage or modifications made to the product will void the warranty.


If you encounter any issues with your product, we recommend reaching out to Morimoto customer service for assistance. You can contact them via email or call at: 404-220-7940. The customer service team will help identify the root cause of the problem and guide you through the troubleshooting process. In some cases, Morimoto may require you to send the defective product back to them in exchange for a replacement unit. To expedite your claim, please provide them with relevant photos and videos showcasing the defect.


In the event that a component within a kit or assembly fails, we will gladly replace the affected part rather than the entire system, as it is more cost-effective and practical. For example, if a bulb fails within one year, we will replace that single bulb. If the bulb fails after one year but is still within the warranty period, we will issue a set of two bulbs to ensure color consistency.


If a product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we will offer the current equivalent of the same product as a replacement. If feasible, we may also provide a 50% discount on a second unit to match. In the rare case that no modern equivalent exists, we will issue you store credit equivalent to the original purchase amount.


Please note that if you have owned the part for more than 30 days, we are unable to issue a refund in place of a replacement.


Our warranties cover the product itself. However, any additional costs such as labor, installation, rental cars, or downtime will not be covered by either us or the product's manufacturer. For instance, if you incurred a $600 invoice at a local dealership for replacing a faulty bulb, it is not the responsibility of HIREV SPORTS.


For customers within the US, all warranty replacement parts will be shipped via ground shipping at no charge to you.


While our advanced warehouse management system ensures a 99.9% accuracy rate, errors can still occur. If you receive missing or incorrect parts, we appreciate your cooperation in providing photos of the received parts, the packing slip, and the packaging it arrived in. This will enable us to work together with you to resolve the issue promptly. Please notify us within 7 days of delivery.

For more detailed information about Morimoto products, please visit the following link:


  • Open to legal residents of lower 50 US States, aged 18 and above.
  • Available to eligible residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Not applicable in Puerto Rico or outside the US territories, and void where prohibited by law.
  • Employees, affiliates, and immediate family members of HiRev Sports Inc are not eligible to participate.

Entry Period:

  • For beginning and end date, see product description.
  • Entries received outside of the specified timeframe will not be considered.

How to Enter:

  • Participants can enter by buying the digital download.
  • Participants can enter for free by submitting a mail-in form. The link to access the form is provided below. Ensure that the mail-in form reaches us before the specified end date or before entries are sold out. The mail-in form must be sent via certified mail with delivery confirmation.
  • Buy as many digital downloads as you desire to utilize as you see fit until they are sold out, thus maximizing your chances of winning.

Prize Details:

  • The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or an alternative.

Winner Selection:

  • Winners will be selected randomly after 24hrs of the event ends.
  • Winners will be notified via email/call/text.
  • If a winner does not respond within 2 days, a new winner will be chosen.


  • Winners are responsible for any taxes associated with the prize.


  • By entering, participants grant HiRev Sports Inc permission to use their names and likeness for promotional purposes without additional compensation.

General Conditions:

  • HiRev Sports Inc reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the digital download event if the integrity is compromised by any fraud or technical issues. All purchases associated with the digital download will be refunded to the original payment method.
  • Participants agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Release and Limitations of Liability:

  • Participants release and hold harmless HiRev Sports from any claims related to the digital download event.

Contact Information:

  • For questions or concerns related to this event, contact HiRev Sports at:

By participating, entrants agree to these rules and regulations. HiRev Sports Inc reserves the right to interpret and enforce these rules at its sole discretion.

All our aftermarket tail lights are designed to be breathable, allowing air to pass through to prevent the lens from cracking due to internal pressure. If you notice fog building up inside the tail lights, there's no need to worry as it will dissipate naturally when the vehicle reaches normal operating temperatures.

However, if you observe condensation, such as water or water droplets inside the tail lights, please contact us immediately so that we can address this issue. Condensation is considered a valid concern and is covered under our warranty. To help differentiate between fog and condensation, we have provided pictures below for your reference.

Fog Description: Fog appearing as a hazy or misty layer on the inside of the tail light, usually disappearing once the vehicle reaches normal operating temperatures.

Condensation Description: Visible water droplets or pooling of water inside the tail light that does not dissipate or evaporate on its own.

If you experience condensation, please reach out to us for assistance, and we will work towards resolving the issue promptly.