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Coming Soon - HRS 2014-20 Infiniti Q50 Chrome Delete Kit - The Elite Series

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HRS 2014-20 Infiniti Q50 Chrome Delete Kit

Easily detach the 3M double-sided tape and affix it onto the surface of your current chrome. Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with a fashionable touch.

Material: ABS Plastic

Finish: Glossy Black (Please ensure you peel off the protective film from each component to reveal the sleek, glossy black surface underneath).


  • 8 Piece molding trims

Moderate proficiency recommended for installation. Some trimming around the edges may be necessary to achieve an ideal fit.

We suggest viewing the forthcoming installation video before proceeding with the installation of this kit. Additionally, it is highly advised to perform a test fit of all components prior to removing the backing from the adhesive tape.

Tip: Prior to installation, ensure thorough cleaning of the vehicle chrome using soap and water. Follow up with rubbing alcohol to effectively eliminate any substances that may hinder adhesive adherence. For optimal results, we highly recommend employing an adhesion promoter on the OEM chrome surface and utilizing a heat gun to enhance the secure bonding of the adhesive to the chrome. Additionally, applying adhesive glue on the back of the pieces can further improve their adherence. Please allow the adhesive tape up to 24-48 hours to fully cure and securely set in place.

Please Note: Any warranty provided does not cover improper installation and will deem it as user error.

Please note that the product may experience fading or discoloration over time as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh cleaning chemicals. These issues are not covered under the warranty.

Limited 6 month warranty.  


The installation of the product is entirely at the user's discretion. Prior to making a purchase, we strongly advise reading and familiarizing yourself with our policy.

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