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HRS 2018-22 Honda Accord Chrome Delete Kit

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HRS 2018-22 Honda Accord Black Chrome Moldings Delete Kit

Simply remove the 3M double sided tape and install on top of your existing chrome. Give your car a stylish look

Material: Plastic

Color: Gloss Black (you must remove the protective film from each piece to expose the gloss black underneath). 


  • 6 Piece molding trims

Intermediate experience required to install these. May require shaving around the edges for perfect fitting. 

We recommend watching the installation video below before installing this kit. It is also strongly recommended that you test fit all pieces of the kit before removing the backer from the adhesive tape.

Tip: Please make sure to properly clean the vehicle chrome using soap and water, then apply rubbing alcohol to the chrome surface to properly and completely remove anything that might keep the adhesive from sticking. We highly recommend using an adhesion promoter on the OEM chrome surface and a heat gun to heat the adhesive so that it sticks to the chrome surface more securely. You can also use an adhesive glue on the back of the pieces to help them stick better. The adhesive tape may take up to 24-48 hours to fully cure and be secure. 

Please Note: Improper installation is not covered under any warranty and will be considered as user error.

Product may fade or discolor with time due to exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh cleaning chemicals. These issues will not be covered under the warranty. 

Limited 6 month warranty. 





User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Hayden (Chesapeake, US)
Great Customer Service.

The Chrome delete pieces have great fitment, I would recommend using 3M tape to install just so they stick better. I was more impressed with HiRevs amazing customer service. I had an issue with my order & with a few pictures they were more than willing to resend the product with no problem after sending a few pictures, and the customer service reps were very kind. 10/10 will use Hirev again.

Alex Hoppock (Charlestown, US)
Great Product

Product stays on use two people especially when you do the front driver/passenger door trim. Start from the front by the mirror and make your way to the end of the door. If you just plop it on like I did, you’ll have about 2cm that hangs over and gets caught in the back door trim. Then you’ll have to sand it off. So take your time and use two people if you can. I like to heat up the chrome trim and clean it with rubbing alcohol before applying. Looks perfect. Expensive, but worth it compared to the other options out there.

Moses Stone (Houston, US)
Did not stick , Fell off on the road

I cleaned it with alcohol, the 3M tape they used was not strong enough for atleast a day , Very disappointing, I even bought the insurance but i don’t think that will cover nothing 150$ down the drain

Malachi Desire (Atlanta, US)
Amazing !!

Wonderful product. It looks amazing.

Hello Malachi,

Per the product page, you need to remove the thin protective film from each piece in order to expose the gloss black underneath. The white label is on the protective film itself not the actual trim piece.

Juan Hernandez (Wheaton, US)
Great product

I love how these are not vinyl film covers but instead made of sturdy plastic. Great product!