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HRS 2018-23 Toyota Camry Chrome Delete

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HRS 2018-23 Toyota Camry Black Chrome Moldings Chrome Delete

Simply remove the 3M double sided tape and install on top of your existing chrome. Give your car a stylish look

Material: Plastic
Color: Gloss Black (you must remove the protective film from each piece to expose the gloss black underneath). 


  • 10 Piece molding trims

Intermediate experience required to install these. May require shaving around the edges for perfect fitting. 

Tip: Please make sure your properly clean the vehicle chrome using soap and water, then apply rubbing alcohol to the chrome surface to properly and completely remove anything that might keep the adhesive from sticking. We highly recommend using an adhesion promoter on the OEM chrome surface and a heat gun to heat the adhesive so that it sticks to the chrome surface more securely. For the rear curved pieces you may need to apply additional thicker adhesive tape or use 3M adhesive glue to help them stay attached more securely.

Please Note: Improper installation is not covered under any warranty and will be considered as user error.

Product may fade or discolor with time due to exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh cleaning chemicals. These issues will not be covered under the warranty. 

Limited 6 month warranty. 


User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.