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HRS 2018-24 Toyota Camry Chrome Delete - The Elite Series

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HRS 2018-24 Toyota Camry Black Chrome Moldings Chrome Delete

Simply remove the 3M double sided tape and install on top of your existing chrome. Give your car a stylish look

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Gloss Black

Boxed Contents:

  • 10 Piece molding trims

Intermediate experience required to install these. May require shaving around the edges for perfect fitting. 

We recommend watching the installation video below before installing this kit. It is also strongly recommended that you test fit all pieces of the kit before removing the backer from the adhesive tape.

Please Note:

For the rear curved pieces (C-Pieces), you may need to apply extra, thicker adhesive tape or use 3M adhesive glue to ensure a secure attachment. It's essential to install the C-Pieces first before moving on to the rest of the kit. The curved area can be a bit challenging, and installing these pieces first is crucial. Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that the long pieces are laid out on the chrome, covering the sides completely, before removing the tape. Installation of this kit may require some cutting and shaving.

The chrome delete kit is equipped with a protective film. This film may give the kit an appearance of being scratched or used. After installation, it is essential to remove this protective film to reveal the glossy black finish beneath.

Please ensure that you thoroughly clean the vehicle's chrome using soap and water, followed by the application of rubbing alcohol to completely remove any substances that might hinder adhesive adhesion. We strongly recommend using an adhesion promoter on the OEM chrome surface to enhance the secure adhesion of the kit. Additionally, you have the option to apply adhesive glue to the back of the pieces for improved adhesion. Please be aware that the adhesive tape may require up to 24-48 hours to fully cure and provide a secure attachment.

It's important to note that improper installation is not covered under any warranty and will be considered user error.

Over time, the product may experience fading or discoloration due to exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh cleaning chemicals. Please be aware that such issues are not covered under the warranty.

Limited 6 month warranty. 

Installation Video:


User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Yahya N (Bakersfield, US)
It’s a bad quality

It’s not really black Chrome. mine all of them scratcher and regular black🤬

Thank you for your candid feedback. Please refer to the product description; the material is ABS plastic. The kit may appear scratched due to a protective film on top. Kindly remove the film to reveal the glossy finish of the kit.

Jonathan Tran (Gretna, US)
Chrome Delete Review

I wanted to give this 2.5 stars but anyways. They look great! But… The shipping packaging job was very poor. Some of my fittings were bent. They are somewhat pliable so i could adjust the bends. Also heads up I cut my finger up while handling the product.

Overall, it definitely makes the car look better and quality is nice. Lets just hope whoever packages your order does a good job.

Hi Jonathan. Thank you for your honest review and we are sorry about the packaging. The size of the package is extra ordinary and we are unable to find other packaging besides the one it came in. We put a wood piece with so the carrier doesn't bend it but no matter how hard we try, some damage occurs to our packages. Next batch will have a sturdy packaging and that's for sure.

Dominic Francesco (Fleming Island, US)
Its ok

From afar it looks good but up close you can still see bits of chrome and i dont like that i feel for 160$ i shouldnt see any chrome at all

Hi Dominic. Thank you for your honest review. It looks the molding is not installed correctly. It's the exact same size as the original chrome. When installing, you have place the molding on top edge and pull it down to completely cover the chrome.

Justin Norton
Chrome delete

Nice but the trim wasn’t molded perfectly and came off after a few months

Decent, Not bad

Material -

The material itself is very cheaply made and sizing is inconsistent. What I mean by inconsistent sizing is that each piece width will sometimes fit over the chrome and others won't. The best way to mitigate this is to install it by placing it on the top lip of each section and pushing down. Although this will cover the top 90% of the trim piece you will still be able to see a small bit of chrome underneath. I forsee the gloss finish fading in about a year or two. Hopefully in the future they will provide more of matte finish.

Tape -

I would highly recommend taking off the tape that is provided and replacing it with .50 (1/2 inch) 3M Automotive molding tape (two packagss of 15 foot length). The tape provided is not the correct 3M needed for the install and wouldn't even stick when installing so I am not quite sure why they would provide such a poor quality adhesive. Be sure to heat not only the chrome piece but the new trim pieces itself before installing.

One of the pieces I received was cut almost a full inch short so I would highly recommend testing fitting everything before actually taping them on. Hi Rev did a great job sending a replacement piece and the new piece fit perfectly. Would I personally this again? No, but I would recommend this for anyone who wants a simple chrome fix. I will probably be removing mine within the year and replacing it with the factory Toyota black trim due to my concerns about it fading. I feel for what is provided and the quality the price point is very high. I would ask Hi Rev to look at lowering the price point 40 to 50 dollars to provide an adequate value.

nelson calderon (Fontana, US)
2021 Camry chrome delete

It’s okay but could be a lot better. The double sided tape is not strong enough especially for the small curved piece. Need to buy 3m tape and you’ll be good to go. Some pieces fit better than others and there are still a few sections where the chrome is visible but only the installer would Notice. If the pieces came with good double sided tape and if the top front door and small rear trim pieces were cut better this would be perfect.

Adam Roedel (Fayetteville, US)
Perfect on the front..

Front is perfect but the back of both has gaps and the curved back pieces aren't shaped right so they won't sit down. Might have to silicone them down.

Manny Fernandez (San Diego, US)
Good Quality

Good quality, looks amazing, but the double sided tape did not stick well. I had to re-tape 2 corners on the rear windows curve.

Quality is good, but I recommend buying more 3m tape if all are taped the same way.

Dominic Nathaniel Yocis (New Boston, US)

Rear corner trims didn't fit awesome, but the rest fit pretty good, I recommend using 3m weather stripping adhesive for a better hold, I simply put the adhesive on the tape and held it on with pressure, looks good besides the rear corners

Joe Gallardo (South Gate, US)
Black chrome molding

The kit looks great, but 2 of the pieces did not fit properly.