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HRS - 2017-20 Honda Civic Hatchback FK7 FK8 Rear LED Reflectors - V1

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HRS – 2017-20 Honda Civic Hatchback LED Rear Reflectors Red - V1

Turn signals are non sequential with no animation.

It's a complete set (2 Pieces)

Boxed Content: 2 Pieces DRL/Reflectors Lights Only

Installation instructions are not included.



User installs at own discretion. Before purchasing our product, we recommend reading OUR POLICY.

Customer Reviews

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Manuel Perez
Hrs taillights!

Hrs has the best looking taillights on the market. Not cheap even feels better then oem.

Robert Even
No guidance

I attempted installing them today, the fitment is perfect. Although, there is NO instructions, videos, etc. I was not able to successfully install them after 4 hours of attempting to…. The wiring and splicing was very hard and there is no instructions on how to complete this correctly. ONLY reason it received more then 1 star is because the fitment is good.

Humberto De santiago

HRS - 2016-20 Honda Civic Hatchback FK7 FK8 Rear LED Reflectors - V1

Trung Truong
Honda Civic Hatchback FK7 FK8 Rear Bumper LED Reflectors - V1

Its look awesome. Good price and good quality.

S Tariq
Affordable best looking reflectors

These reflectors are decently priced and good quality. The smoked look is perfect with the smoked V1s install was easy. Would have appreciated double sided tape

John Crowell
Hats off to the People Running this show.

Quick appreciation rant. These light are specifically labeled to be for the hatchback only, HOWEVER if you have a Sedan Si like I do the rear bumper is the same from the hatchbacks and I can verify they fit and look great. Anyway they noticed I bought the sedan taillights as well and called me before they shipped them to verify that I knew that. Some companies never would have noticed so I wanted to show appreciation for it.

As for the lights, they arrived fast, mounted great, look fantastic and were easy enough to figure out. Given that another reviewer had done the service of labeling the wires, shout out to Felix Garcia, I'm gonna go ahead and say these deserve the 5-stars

Felix Garcia
Good fitment product, bad instructions/after.service

I will keep this simple. These lights on the Type R bumper look dope!, the fitment is great and it is exactly what you expect... AND THEN...

That's where it ends. I literally got the lights themselves wrapped on bubble wrap in a box. THATS IT!. So, how am i supposed to know where each of the 4 color wires do? So like any human with a brain, i fire an email to support asking them for any documentation. I was quickly replied telling me that it is very unfortunate that all aftermarket products do not come with any instructions. WTF for real? So ya that was a waste of time. Is the consumer supposed to literally figure out what each wire should? Mind you, the product is sealed and we have no physical way to determine where the wire goes or does inside.

Anyways, it was up to me to use my Google Fu and figure the wiring.

Here is a free tech support for you all from yours truly.
BLACK - Ground
RED - Running light V+
YELLOW - Turn Signal V+
GREEN - Brake Signal V+

Only gets 3 stars because i had to figure out on my own how to wire it. Otherwise they would have gotten a 5.

Wade Rowley

Company refunded portion of shipping which I did appreciate.

Wade Rowley
product ok shipping is a ripoff !

product seems ok but as a Grandparent purchasing a Christmas gift I can only say the shipping cost is totally out of line! the product was delivered in a $6.00 USPS box but I was charged almost $23.00! I know I will never purchase from you again!

Sorry for your disappointment. Your originally selected FedEx ground which is expensive on smaller packages but we shipped your package via USPS which is relatively cheaper and refunded you the difference in PayPal. Please check.

Steve Almoite