There are major shipping delays all over the country. Our shipment comes via Los Angeles Por and as you may know, the LA Port is super congested and there are over 20 ships carrying 24000 containers each are waiting in the ocean waiting to unload. We are hoping that we will be receiving our shipment soon and as soon as we do, we will ship your order right away. Any customer who would like a refund, please email us with your order number and we will refund you.

June, July and August shipments are greatly affected.

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  • I preordered my order and this is my first time pre ordering , I heard a lot of this business and they were good things , I would just like a good estimate as to when I could be getting my order or can I at least get a percentage off another item for the delay ? I really really love what this business has and I am willing to be a continuous customer, just would like a good estimate

    Melvin Peral on

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